Blog Management and Real Time SEO optimization

Manage your blog in Marketfox CMS, Wordpress, Medium

All in one blog platform

Write blog posts with Marketfox's content management system (CMS) or integrate it with your existing Wordpress and Medium accounts. Marketfox allows you to publish blogs on Medium, Wordpress and multiple other platforms with the push of one button, so you don’t have to worry about posting it everywhere manually

Real time SEO scoring

Marketfox algorithm predicts your chance of getting a higher organic search result for the content you are writing. Real time score helps marketers to generate better content which gets ranked higher in SEO by suggesting the required changes to be made in the content.

Content management

Organise your content in folders and categories, tag them so that users can discover it easily. New folders and subfolders can be created, blogs and other articles can be arranged in a tree branch.

Capture leads through push, pop ups and forms

Grow your brand and create a pool of blog followers. Give your visitors options to subscribe for web push notifications in blogs, capture emails through exit popup messages, inapp messages or embedded forms there by doubling your leads and customer relations in multiple channels. Dedicated social share buttons help them to share your content easily increasing your organic reach.

Measure and optimize

Get real time pageview and conversion analytics, so that you know which content marketing worked really well and double your efforts in that direction.

Increase your sales with next generation marketing automation

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