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Easiest drag and drop email builder for beautiful marketing and transactional emails.

Drag and drop composer to make intuitive emails

Create beautiful email campaigns with our drag and drop visual email builder, enabling marketers to run world class campaigns without any programming skills. Add any content, image, links with ease.

Personalize email to address each user

Personalization is the best practice to get highest customer engagement. Use custom placeholders to address them with their name, company name, URL or any information you have about the customer. Add different lead owners in subject line and from address to help customers recognize your team easily.

Track, analyze and report

Marketfox tracks all link clicks in your email. Email open and all other data is gathered to create efficient follow-up campaigns. Your data is synced in realtime with each customer profile and there ends your guess work. The campaign report gives a comprehensive view of email opens, click-through rates, bounces and deliverability rate. Your goals can be set for each campaign and ROI can be measured.

Real time alerts to take immediate actions

Marketfox notifies you in real time on the status of the campaign, through the ticker in each campaign. You can track which all pages the user have visited in your website after the campaign and can run next campaign based on this data.

Build your mailing list to different segments

Tag and segment users to different categories based on the pages they viewed, contact informations, demographics and firmographic informations. Smart segments grow automatically and new users who matches the rules and criterias are automatically added to it. This enables you to categorize your users into different segments like high value paid users, churning users etc and can give special attention to them.

More marketing email features

HTML template builder for customized designs

Copy, Paste your existing HTML emails into builder. Personalize the content for each user using placeholders and send targeted emails.

Pre-build email templates for effective designs

Choose from Marketfox directory of free email templates for different purposes and industries. Change the images, content and color as required and deploy your marketing campaigns in no time. Pre-designed email templates are ready to send and can be customized to each contact information. Emails are optimized for every device, email client and browser.

Email A/B Testing to improve results

Constantly improve your emails with A/B testing. Split-test your emails by sending different versions and evaluate results based on email open and click rates.

Increase your sales with next generation marketing automation

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