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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a software that allows businesses to automate marketing and sales engagements and customer relationships to generate more leads, close more deals, and a better measure, optimize marketing success and build continuous relationships with buyers.

Drag and drop designer, Visual workflow.

Unlike other traditional marketing automation softwares, Marketfox offers easy drag and drop drip journey builder. Marketers no longer have to deal with forms, complicated workflows and rules. Powerful automation ensures you to send relevant personalized messages according to the user behaviour on your website and campaigns.

Drip campaigns with Email, Web push notification, In-app messaging, SMS and beyond

Advanced automation helps you to reach each user through emails, push notifications and in app messages. If you are doing drip campaigns with emails alone, you are losing 30% of your leads. Marketfox enables you to reach users through direct web push in their desktop or mobile, so that your messages never go unnoticed in crowded inboxes or blocked by spam filters.

Machine learning to optimize campaigns results

Marketfox machine learning system learns your customer behaviour in each campaign and then optimize the time delivery for next campaign automatically. This ensure the highest open rate and results. You don’t have to worry about sending emails or messages across timezones, Marketfox will send it at the best time for you.

Automated lead scoring, to prioritize better

Marketfox scores your leads automatically based on their actions, including email opens, link clicks, website browsing and events performed. We also consider demographic and firmographics data to prioritize leads. You can customize the rules according to your business requirements and run campaigns based on lead scores and get real-time alerts about the hottest sales qualified leads.

Increase your sales with next generation marketing automation

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