Mobile Marketing Automation Software

Mobile marketing automation platform for seamless customer experience everywhere

Get rid of data silos, Mobile and Web in one place

Using multiple marketing tools for managing mobile and web audience affect your marketing campaigns severely. Data without any correlation in web and mobile for same customer force marketers to run inefficient campaigns. Marketfox tracks user across web and mobile making your campaigns efficient and effective.

Powerful channels to engage leads everywhere

Send push notification in website and mobile app, email based on the actions of your customer. Trigger In-app message to boost engagement and purchase inside app. SMS to reach offline user and to reactivate them.

Deliver highly personalized messages to maximize engagement

Maximize your impact by delivering push notifications, in app messages and emails based on who your customers are and what they do, inside your app or in other channels. Determine what is the right conversation, when you should have it and automate it.

Interact using real-time location

Send location relevant messages to your customers with geo-fencing technology. Engage each customer as an individual based on their precise location and automate your campaigns.

Track and monitor your app activity

Track all the customer activity, events and actions performed. Get detailed analytics on the data. Each customer profile is synced with these actions in real time, so that you know who is doing what.

Increase your sales with next generation marketing automation

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